Exwhy Premiere Advance Stream of Forthcoming Album "The Feels" via CMJ

Atlanta's quartet, Exwhy, premiered the advance stream of their forthcoming album The Feels with the renowned music publiciation CMJ. The stream comes out a week ahead of the album's official release - February 5 (via Other People Records).

"With bright guitar hooks, shuffly rhythms, some genuinely mournful moments, then tossed-off lines like, “I’ll drink once to you, but I’ll do twice to me,” there’s a slyness to the whole album that raises it above the usual NPR coffee break rock." - CMJ

Make sure you head on over to CMJ today and check out Exwhy's forthcoming effort The Feels before the album official drops next week - February 5 via Other People Records.

Outside World Share New Track "This Ocean" Via Exclaim!

This morning, Exclaim! premiered the new single from Outside World, "This Ocean", pulled from their debut full-length record due out today, the 13th, via iTunes, Bandcamp and Spotify.

"The track bubbles with upbeat jangly guitar, a plucky bass line and a chorus drenched in hazy vocal harmonies, delivering a dose of what to expect from the full-length effort." Sarah Murphy, Exclaim!

Make sure to head over to Exclaim! to listen to the track, and don't forget to order a copy of the new Outside World record, out today!