Oakland's Wander Sign with Other People Records and Premiere "Soar" via Alt Press

Today, Oakland's instrumental quartet Wander have started their musical endeavors with a bang! The group premiered their brand new video Soar, as well as announcing their signing with record label Other People Records to release their forthcoming album Mourning (due out this year).

""Soar" is instrumental, and focuses on the intricate strumming of guitarists Christian Francisco and Bernard Barcela. " - Anne Nickoloff, AltPress

Make sure you head on over to AltPress today and get a glimpse of the heavy hitting instrumental prowess of Wander and their track Soar.

Ulrika Spacek Unveil New Video "Strawberry Glue" via Q Magazine

The Berlin quintet Ulrika Spacek have recently unveiled their video for for their trackStrawberry Glue. In the video the group welcomes you into their shared living space KEN to give you a glimpse of the raucous and fun atmosphere. Ulrika Spacekteamed up with the publication Q Magazine to premiere the video. The group's album The Album Paranoia was recently debuted February 5th - and you can download the album from the Lefse store HERE.

Make sure you head on over to Q Magazine and get a glimpse into the lives of Ulrika Spacek and friends in their KEN space.

Battle Ave. Premiere New Music Video "Aleph" via The Deli

New York's foursome, Battle Ave. brought their A-game with their brand new video for their track Aleph. The video showcases the beauty of art in the group's music and aesthetic vision.

"Sometimes, random circumstances make a video, or a song, or a movie, particularly significant for the times we are living. Watching this simple, beautifully shot video for single "Aleph," by dark pop band Battle Ave, we immediately started longing for snow, while wondering if - after an insanely warm fall and a week in December with temperatures averaging 60 degrees - we'll ever experience it again in NYC" - Paolo De Gregorio , The Deli

Make sure you swing by The Deli and view the masterpiece that is Battle Ave's Aleph.

Tiny Fireflies Premiere Brand New Video for "Taken" via CMJ

Recently, Chicago's dreamy synth-pop duo, Tiny Fireflies, have partnered up with renowned music site CMJ to unveil their brand new video for their track Taken. The video comes hot on the heels of the group's recently self-released debut full-length album The Space Between (released on November 11).

"The gauzy, lacy, angular-ized clip is tres ’80s, fitting for the synthy-scopic song that floats on Kristine Capua’s breathy angelic vox." - CMJ

Make sure you swing on by CMJ today and check out the beautifully orchestrated homage to the 80's in Tiny Fireflies' new video for their track Taken. Additionally, you can head on over to Tiny FirefliesBandcamp to stream and pick up a digital/CD/vinyl copy of the brand new album The Space Between.

KEEPERS Showcase Video "Blase" via Free Bike Valet

In the wake of San Diego noise-punk trio KEEPERS' debut 7" titled Bláse, The group has partnered up with California-based music site Free Bike Valet to showcase their video for the title track of the 7" Bláse.

"KEEPERS is a trio of dudes based in University Heights who like to make raucously rad dance-punk. Here’s their latest groove-driven cum guitar-shredding single, Blase" - Dan Frazier, Free Bike Valet

Make sure you swing on by the Free Bike Valet site today and get your fill of KEEPERS visuals for their track Bláse

Tallows Release Brand New Video for "Sprawl" via Pancakes and Whiskey

Recently, Oklahoma City's Tallows unveiled a brand new video for their track Sprawl. The track comes off of the group's latest release Waist Deep (via Walk-In Records).

"With production to similarities to Death Cab and Animal Collective, Tallows succeeds as a standout pop rock mid-west emerging band that shows much promise." Hillary Barleaux, Pancakes and Whiskey

Make sure to swing by Pancakes and Whiskey today and check out the beautiful moments of the group's video Sprawl.

Holy '57 Premieres Video "Island Kids" along with EP Feature via Northern Transmissions

Hot on the heels of the release of Holy '57s new EP H, the group premiered their video for the track Island KidsHoly '57 saw a significant amount of attention toward the single during the summertime - and it comes as no surprise with the wondrous beach-vibes, the track was certain to be a summer hit.

In order to keep those warm memories of summer going into the colder weather, make sure to swing on by Northern Transmissions today and check out the sun-soaked video of Island Kids.

New Shack Gives CMJ the Keys to the "House of Frankenstein"

Provo Utah synth-pop duo, New Shack, have unveiled their brand new video for their track House of Frankenstein with the team at CMJ.

"[W]e love when a band confounds expectations, and while we’re not sure what one expects from a band from Provo, Utah, I’m guessing it’s not minimal, ethereal, electro-lulling, R.E.M.-sleep soundtracks like this." - CMJ

Make sure you head on over to CMJ today and check out the video for New Shack's House of Frankenstein.