Tiny Fireflies Premiere Brand New Video for "Taken" via CMJ

Recently, Chicago's dreamy synth-pop duo, Tiny Fireflies, have partnered up with renowned music site CMJ to unveil their brand new video for their track Taken. The video comes hot on the heels of the group's recently self-released debut full-length album The Space Between (released on November 11).

"The gauzy, lacy, angular-ized clip is tres ’80s, fitting for the synthy-scopic song that floats on Kristine Capua’s breathy angelic vox." - CMJ

Make sure you swing on by CMJ today and check out the beautifully orchestrated homage to the 80's in Tiny Fireflies' new video for their track Taken. Additionally, you can head on over to Tiny FirefliesBandcamp to stream and pick up a digital/CD/vinyl copy of the brand new album The Space Between.

Tiny Fireflies debut new single "Taken" via the Wild Honey Pie

Just recently, Chicago electro-pop duo Tiny Fireflies debuted their latest track, Taken, over at The Wild Honey Pie. Additionally, dropped some details regarding their forthcoming album The Space Between.

"The Space Between offers electro-pop lovers 9 tracks of fresh tunes and chill melodies. Today we’re so excited to premiere the first released track, “Taken”. Listen above and get ready for the release next month." - Melissa Hersh, The Wild Honey Pie

Make sure to head over to The Wild Honey Pie to check out the song and all the details.