Grubby Little Hands Stream Full Album "Garden Party" via Stereogum

Grubby Little Hands have unveiled an advance stream of their forthcoming release Garden Party - set to drop April 29th via Lefse Records. The group teamed up with renowned music publication Stereogum to bring you the full album stream.
Head on over to Stereogum now, and get your fill of the album before it's available.
You may also pre-order the album from the Lefse webstore.

Joel Michael Howard Shares "Hit Wonder" via Stereogum

New York's captivating song-writer Joel Michael Howard has reemerged - after the release of his debut album Love As A First Response earlier this year - with a brand new track Hit Wonder and has partnered up with renowned music site Stereogum to do so. The new track features Joel Michael Howard at his boiling point finding the artist giving up and giving in to money and fame.

"I can’t tell if Joel Michael Howard is spearheading a new genre of ironic sad pop or just putting a different spin on his usual melancholy. Either way, it works." - Charles Innis, Stereogum

Make sure you check out Stereogum today and listen to the new track that Joel Michael Howard has crooning for fame in the track Hit Wonder.

Ulrika Spacek Share New Single "She's A Cult" on Stereogum

Over at Stereogum, London-via-Berlin experimental rock group Ulrika Spacek shared "She's A Cult", the new single from their upcoming debut record The Album Paranoia, due out February 5th, 2016 on Lefse Records in the US, and Tough Love Records in the EU.

" inspiring burst of alternately melodious and discordant chunky-guitar indie-rock. It hit my sweet spot this morning, and if you have a thing for Sonic Youth and/or Slanted And Enchanted-era Pavement, maybe it’ll hit yours too." - Chris DeVille, Stereogum

Head over to Stereogum to check out the new single, and be sure to preorder a copy of The Album Paranoia here.

PWRHAUS Debuts "How I Feel About You" via Stereogum

Portland's PWRHAUS debuted their brand new track How I Feel About You with renowned music site Stereogum to dish out their latest offering of soulful lo-fi rock.

"It kinda sorta belongs to the recent resurgence of ’70s singer-songwriter fare, but it’s also a little bit ’50s rock ‘n’ roll, with some traces of internet-era indie-rock. The result is a slow-burn sing-along topped off by a memorable howling hook." - Chris DeVille, Stereogum

Make sure you head on over to Stereogum today and check out the howling hooks of PWRHAUSHow I Feel About You