Exwhy Premiere Advance Stream of Forthcoming Album "The Feels" via CMJ

Atlanta's quartet, Exwhy, premiered the advance stream of their forthcoming album The Feels with the renowned music publiciation CMJ. The stream comes out a week ahead of the album's official release - February 5 (via Other People Records).

"With bright guitar hooks, shuffly rhythms, some genuinely mournful moments, then tossed-off lines like, “I’ll drink once to you, but I’ll do twice to me,” there’s a slyness to the whole album that raises it above the usual NPR coffee break rock." - CMJ

Make sure you head on over to CMJ today and check out Exwhy's forthcoming effort The Feels before the album official drops next week - February 5 via Other People Records.

Jung Lust Debut Single "Brian Jones" via CMJ

Recently, Delaware rock-trio, Jung Lust have burst onto the scene with their brand new debut single Brian Jones which the group partnered with renowned music outlet CMJ. The track provides a solid mix of songwriting acumen and catchiness.

"Here’s some brand new action from a brand new band. Bassist Grace Vonderkuhn has her own psych-pop thing going. But now this new trio from Delaware does exactly what it should—expand and thrust that kind of tuneage into a more fitful strata, including a strident slant from singer/guitarist Matt Morrissette: “Who gives a shit about the good old days?!”" - Eric Davidson, CMJ

Head on over to CMJ today and listen to the brand new track Brian Jones from Delaware's brand new band Jung Lust.

Tiny Fireflies Premiere Brand New Video for "Taken" via CMJ

Recently, Chicago's dreamy synth-pop duo, Tiny Fireflies, have partnered up with renowned music site CMJ to unveil their brand new video for their track Taken. The video comes hot on the heels of the group's recently self-released debut full-length album The Space Between (released on November 11).

"The gauzy, lacy, angular-ized clip is tres ’80s, fitting for the synthy-scopic song that floats on Kristine Capua’s breathy angelic vox." - CMJ

Make sure you swing on by CMJ today and check out the beautifully orchestrated homage to the 80's in Tiny Fireflies' new video for their track Taken. Additionally, you can head on over to Tiny FirefliesBandcamp to stream and pick up a digital/CD/vinyl copy of the brand new album The Space Between.

Tiny Fireflies Premiere Brand New Track "Ghost" via CMJ

With the spooky festivities of Halloween over, Chicago's Tiny Fireflies wanted to keep some of those haunting vibes around. The group recently premiered their brand new track Ghost with the team at CMJ.

Make sure you swing on by CMJ and check out the hauntingly-beautiful track Ghost today ahead of the release of Tiny Fireflies' forthcoming release The Space Between (set for release on November 11).

New Shack Gives CMJ the Keys to the "House of Frankenstein"

Provo Utah synth-pop duo, New Shack, have unveiled their brand new video for their track House of Frankenstein with the team at CMJ.

"[W]e love when a band confounds expectations, and while we’re not sure what one expects from a band from Provo, Utah, I’m guessing it’s not minimal, ethereal, electro-lulling, R.E.M.-sleep soundtracks like this." - CMJ

Make sure you head on over to CMJ today and check out the video for New Shack's House of Frankenstein.