Lying Light in the Quiet Premiere New Track and Video "Carrion" via The Line of Best Fit

Montreal's drone noise-pop duo Lying Light in the Quiet are at it again with the release of their brand new single CarrionLying Light in the Quiet has teamed up with award-winning music publication The Line of Best fit to bring you the aural and visual experience of the new single Carrion.

"Carrion is another glimpse at Recovery, a collection that came about over the course of multiple improvisational sessions that were recorded in the summer of 2015 ... The result is a particularly ambitious form of ambient drone. On their second public track, the duo dip into territory reminiscent of Deftones at their most exploratory (think "Teenager") before sending tremors through the song's core with tremolo-picked guitar leads à la the most dramatic pieces from Explosions In The Sky." - Michael McAndrew, The Line of Best Fit

Make sure you head on over to The Line of Best Fit today and get immersed in the dark droning sounds of Lying Light in the Quiet's new track Carrion and then check out the visuals for the video as well.

Ink Project Releases Brand New Track Time via The 405

Recently, Brighton UK's electro-soul group Ink Project released their brand new track Time - the track premiered on renowned music publication The 405. Ink Project released their single Time ahead of the group's forthcoming release Satelite On - set to release on March 13th (via Blind Colour Records).

Head on over to The 405 today to get your fill of Ink Project's soulful grooves on the new single Time ahead of the group's forthcoming release Satellite On.

The Eastern Sea Premiere Acoustic Version Of Track "The Curse" Via The Line Of Best Fit

Today, Austin's quintet The Eastern Sea have premiered a brand new acoustic bonus track The Curse with the highly revered publication The Line of Best Fit. The track may sound familiar as the full-band version of the track was featured from the group's previously released album The Witness which was released on November 13, 2015.

"As [The Eastern Sea have] released some of the most intriguing indie-pop of the last half-decade, the band have built a readily identifiable sound shaped from lush orchestral arrangements and diverse instrumentation. It might seem strange, then, to release a bare acoustic rendition of one of the best tracks they’ve ever put to tape. But “The Curse (Acoustic)” is the rare alternate take that adds to the listener’s understanding of both the song and the band." - Michael McAndrew, The Line of Best Fit

Head on over to The Line of Best Fit to listen to the bonus acoustic version of The Eastern Sea's track The Curse.

Oakland's Wander Sign with Other People Records and Premiere "Soar" via Alt Press

Today, Oakland's instrumental quartet Wander have started their musical endeavors with a bang! The group premiered their brand new video Soar, as well as announcing their signing with record label Other People Records to release their forthcoming album Mourning (due out this year).

""Soar" is instrumental, and focuses on the intricate strumming of guitarists Christian Francisco and Bernard Barcela. " - Anne Nickoloff, AltPress

Make sure you head on over to AltPress today and get a glimpse of the heavy hitting instrumental prowess of Wander and their track Soar.

Mr. Bones Release New Single "You Ruined It" on Under the Radar

Mr. Bones have premiered their latest single in anticipation of their upcoming record Bites, due out February 26th on Portland DIY imprint Good Cheer Records. The song is "You Ruined It", a fuzzy blast of '90s inspired alt-pop.

"...what makes a song like "You Ruined It" stand out from the pack is how effortlessly it blends the opposing forces of pleasurable crunch and plaintive melody." - Michael Wojtas, Under the Radar

Head on over to Under the Radar to check out the single, and don't forget to preorder your copy of Bites on Bandcamp.

Ulrika Spacek Unveil New Video "Strawberry Glue" via Q Magazine

The Berlin quintet Ulrika Spacek have recently unveiled their video for for their trackStrawberry Glue. In the video the group welcomes you into their shared living space KEN to give you a glimpse of the raucous and fun atmosphere. Ulrika Spacekteamed up with the publication Q Magazine to premiere the video. The group's album The Album Paranoia was recently debuted February 5th - and you can download the album from the Lefse store HERE.

Make sure you head on over to Q Magazine and get a glimpse into the lives of Ulrika Spacek and friends in their KEN space.

Mr. Bones Premiere New Single "12" on PASTE

Northwest power-pop darlings Mr. Bones have just premiered their latest single, the fuzzy jangle-pop number "12", over at Paste Magazine. The single is taken from Mr. Bones' upcoming full-length record Bites, due out the 26th of February on Portland DIY imprint Good Cheer Records (Sabonis, Little Star).

"...a lo-fi pop song equal parts head-bobbing and gloomy." - Emily McBride, Paste Magazine

Be sure to head over to Paste Magazine to check out the song and the full write-up, and don't forget to pre-order your copy of Bites on Bandcamp!

Rich Jones Drops New Track “Magic Man (ft. Taylor Bennett & Iceface)” via Consequence of Sound

The hip-hop community is flourishing – alive and well – in Chicago. The Windy City’s own Rich Jones has just dropped the new track Magic Man (ft. Taylor Bennett & Iceface) for premiere. Rich Jones teamed up with the renowned music publication Consequence of Sound to bring the track to the listening audience around the globe. The track Magic Man (ft. Taylor Bennett & Iceface) will be featured on Rich Jones‘ forthcoming release Pink Slips which is set to drop on February 16.

“A ’70s-rich chatoyant synth shimmers atop a smooth drum machine while Jones recounts his tribulations in the street game. Bennett delivers his verse in double-take speed before IceFace drops in hard to spit about his hustling highs and lows. – Ben Kaye, Consequence of Sound

Make sure you head on over to Consequence of Sound and get yourself immersed in the flow and music of Rich Jones‘ Magic Man (ft. Taylor Bennett & Iceface).

Additionally, if you’re in the Chicago-area, Rich Jones will be performing his Pink Slips release show at Schubas on February 16.

Exwhy Premiere Brand New Track "Salt" via PASTE Magazine

Recently, Atlanta quartet, Exwhy, unleashed their brand new track Salt. The group teamed up with highly-circulated and well-read publication PASTE Magazine. The premiere of the track Salt comes a few months ahead of the group's forthcoming album The Feels - which will be released February 5, 2016 on Other People Records. You may pre-order The Feels at major digital retailers, iTunes, Amazon and Google Play.

Make sure you head on over to PASTE Magazine today and get your fill of the beautifully crafted track Salt from the southern boys of Exwhy. After you finish listening to the track make sure you head on over to iTunesAmazon, or Google Play and get your pre-order in for the The Feels.

Battle Ave. Premiere New Music Video "Aleph" via The Deli

New York's foursome, Battle Ave. brought their A-game with their brand new video for their track Aleph. The video showcases the beauty of art in the group's music and aesthetic vision.

"Sometimes, random circumstances make a video, or a song, or a movie, particularly significant for the times we are living. Watching this simple, beautifully shot video for single "Aleph," by dark pop band Battle Ave, we immediately started longing for snow, while wondering if - after an insanely warm fall and a week in December with temperatures averaging 60 degrees - we'll ever experience it again in NYC" - Paolo De Gregorio , The Deli

Make sure you swing by The Deli and view the masterpiece that is Battle Ave's Aleph.