Grubby Little Hands Stream Full Album "Garden Party" via Stereogum

Grubby Little Hands have unveiled an advance stream of their forthcoming release Garden Party - set to drop April 29th via Lefse Records. The group teamed up with renowned music publication Stereogum to bring you the full album stream.
Head on over to Stereogum now, and get your fill of the album before it's available.
You may also pre-order the album from the Lefse webstore.

Al Rogers Jr. Advanced Stream of New Album "Luvadocious" via Pigeons and Planes

Baltimore's own artist and creator of "Swooz", Al Rogers Jr. and producer Drew Scott (1/2 of Baltimore's dark and moody R&B group, Blacksage), have partnered with revered and renowned music discovery site Pigeons and Planes to bring listeners and fans an advanced stream of the forthcoming release Luvadocious.

"Rogers Jr. cribs lovingly from Outkast and Funkadelic in philosophy, framing Luvadocious with skits and envisioning a utopian alternate reality ... Luvadocious is that rare beast in an age of disposable, drive-by culture: A project from a lesser known voice that requires and deserves repeat listens and digestion over time." - Jon Tanners, Pigeons and Planes

Make sure you take the time to swing on by Pigeons and Planes today and get a feel for Al Rogers Jr.'s Luvadocious ahead of the official release this coming Wednesday - November 11 where the release will be available at most digital retailers and premium streaming services.

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Tiny Fireflies Stream Entire Forthcoming Album "The Space Between" via AllMusic

With much anticipation mounting for Chicago's synth-pop duo Tiny Fireflies forthcoming album, The Space Between, the group has partnered with music site AllMusic to premiere the entire album a week before the official release date. The nine-track full-length release is streaming in it's full synth-pop glory!

"Electronic dream pop duo Tiny Fireflies have crafted a propulsive yet soothing debut LP with The Space Between. " - Chris Steffen, AllMusic

Make sure you swing by AllMusic today and check out Tiny Fireflies' entire albumThe Space Between - and if you're really liking the sounds, make sure you head on over to Tiny Fireflies' Bandcamp where you can pre-order the album today!

Sunset Diver Streams New EP "Year of the Horse" via Gold Flake Paint

Just recently, Brooklyn's Sunset Diver has partnered with music blog Gold Flake Paint to premiere the forthcoming EP Year of the Horse.

"...the record thrives with the same luxurious touch as is found on that opening track, swelling with the kind of lovelorn regret of a disappearing summer viewed from much crisper, clarifying perspectives." Tom Johnson, Gold Flake Paint.

Make sure you swing by Gold Flake Paint and get a listen to Year of the Horse before it's release on October 29th.