SURVIVING THE GOLDEN AGE Premiere Single, "Fever Dream" by Loss/Angel/Less

Loss/Angel/Less is an Atlanta based band consisting of production, synth and drum programmer, Zane Battistini and vocalist Richard Ray. While L/A/L officially formed in late 2016, Zane and Richard have created music together since 2011. They describe their music as modern dream pop, because of their catchy melodies and verses, uniquely combined with airy synth sounds. Loss/Angel/Less considers their musical inspirations to be a variety of artists such as U2, Peter Gabriel, Prince, Carly Rae Jepsen, Drake, Kanye West, Migos, Young Thug, Sigur Ros and Kate Bush. Loss/Angel/Less resides in Downtown Atlanta. Currently unsigned, Loss/Angel/Less recently finished their first EP and continue to write and create a new and unique sound

Loss/Angel/Less has teamed up with SURVIVING THE GOLDEN AGE to premiere their new track, "Fever Dream" Check it out here!