Risa Rubin Premieres Video Album "Jewish Unicorn" Via Bandcamp Daily

Risa Rubin is a musician and harpist living in Los Angeles. She is 21 years old. In her 21 years, she has switched high schools five times, dropped out of UCLA, wwoofed to avoid homelessness, held many odd jobs, and struggled with copious amounts of anxiety. However her harp makes her feel like the most graceful part of herself. Her first release was “Shema” via Lolipop Records, and her new video album “Jewish Unicorn” will be premiering on Bandcamp Daily June 28th.

“Jewish Unicorn” is a video album conceived by harpist and musician Rubin. The album explores the regret of a soul choosing to come back down to earth, the uncertainty of the future, being present, walking into anger, the disconnected relationship between the artist and her twin brother, the longing for a person you know you will never see again, and the bad qualities that prohibit her from being a truly good person. The videos, in addition, help portray these ideas in an honest, self-aware, relatable, and sometimes humorous manner.

"There’s a ragtag, “let’s-put-on-a-show” quality that runs through Rubin’s music. Her filmmaker sister helped her assemble the accompanying video clips, which range from Harmony Korine-level absurdity on “Cry Longer” (in which Rubin attempts to pop a series of balloons in her underwear), to nostalgic and sweet in “Decision.” Her intent is the same throughout: to take the small moments in her life and bring them into the world with as little filter as possible." —Daniel Ralston

Check out the album here!