Mat Riviere Premieres Video "San Pell" Via The Quietus

Since 2009 Mat Riviere has released 2 albums of self produced, alternative pop music and performed live across the UK and Europe. And he has now debuted his new EP Terrible Trouble and a music video for the track "San Pell" on renowned music blog The Quietus

"Following on from the release of that EP, Riviere is now sharing a video for the opening track, 'san pell', which looks at the current spectre of advertising on our everyday lives and combines found footage, various screenshots and text to create a visual collage which Riviere explains more about below. You can check out the video itself above."

"Riviere's Terrible Trouble EP featured among April's best music on these pages a couple of months ago with our own Karl Smith writing: 'Listening to Terrible Trouble feels like reading someone's diary — except that someone is you, and everyone you know, have known, or will know, dislocated, at one remove.'"

Check out the video here!