Ours + Yours Premieres "Secret Admirer" via Impose Magazine

Allston Massachusetts' indie pop/rock trio Ours + Yours has recently released the premiere of it's single "Secret Admirer" off their new album Dear Old Fears. The group has partnered up with renowned music publication Impose Magazine to bring the brand new track to the ears of fans. 

"Brought in with an abrupt and head-bobbing beat, there is almost a slow down once you get into the lyrics, very different than other Ours Yours tracks. The song has a distinct melancholy vibe to it, with lyrics like “You’re sad and alone / There’s shame in the tone of voices from home” reflecting this notion. There is also a very gorgeous layering of vocals several times in the piece, of which we are big fans.

'Secret Admirer' is introspective, well-produced, and we (admittedly) have it on repeat."
-Meredith Schneider June 24th, 2016

Check out the track here!

Ours + Yours began in the winter of 2012 as a duo from Allston, MA with Kimberly Holte (vocals/guitar) and Ivan Zlatev (drums). The two met through a then recent-ex of Ivan’s and started playing music over the holidays to distract from the break-up. They eventually linked up with Danny O’Neill (bass), and the three started writing demos. Within a year and over several bottles of red wine, enough material was generated to feed a string of solid, DIY recordings, the sound of which would be best described as a cozy blend of holiday warmth and heartbreak.

Following their first song-writing stint, Danny left the group and was replaced by Kimberly and Ivan’s mutual friend Brett Anderson, who stuck with them for about a year until moving to sunny CA. Gig and recording-wise not much happened throughout these changes until last fall when O+Y’s current bassist, Michael Berardino, joined. From there the group got back to work.

O+Y’s latest self-released EP, Dear Old Fears, is an indie rock/indie pop tribute to the older days. Wistful and playful at times and in your face at others, it is a must listen piece of the band’s history. Check out its debut single, “Secret Admirer”, available now for download on their Bandcamp.