Pink Milk Premieres Video "Detroit" via Clash

Sweden's shoegaze duo, Pink Milk, has recently released the premiere of its music video for the single Detroit. The group has partnered up with renowned music publication Clash to bring the brand new video to the eyes of the fans.

“The song is written to a childhood friend; We were kids trying to be cool, smoking candy, blowing fake smoke in the air, dreaming about freedom,” said Pink Milk. 

The song was recorded in a barn on the Swedish island of Gothland and will be released on the Swedish label Woah Dad!

The video is inspired by ’The Brothers Lionheart’ tale. About two brothers being friends 'til death. Filmed on the Swedish island of Gotland.

"New cut 'Detroit' is a gorgeous, gossamer piece of music, the driving shoegaze guitars set against some baroque moments in the vocal line."
- Robin Murray, Clash

Head on over to Clash today and get your fill of the stunning visuals that accompany Pink Milk's single Detroit.